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About us

Made and Produced with Love in Germany!

Premium quality at a fair price: that was our motivation and intention when we started to wo work on sim racing rigs. There is not only rigs on our plan but also first grade pedal sets and high level steering wheels and bases. GSE, that is Volker and Joni. A sim racing enthusiast since 20 years and one who is quite new to sim racing but already infected by the magic of ultra realistic racing simulations.

Like many stories ours began one day having a beer: "hey let's develop our own sim racing cockpit with self engineered parts but everything Made in Germany". And here we are!
A designing engineer instantly started over to come up with a first prototype. After months of redefining and testing our cockpit in realistic circumstances and innumerable laps on sim racing tracks in our next step we had a look around our home area to set up a highest grade supply chain for raw materials, processing, finishing and logistics.
Supported by strong partners and big players in their field, our "Black Series" was born. We decided to present all GermanSimEngineering products in a black finish with neon color highlight parts to create a classy appearance and not to bore you with another silver thing.

It felt like only days later when we finally founded our company.
And today you are visiting our website and reading our story. We are very happy to have you here and we wish you a lot of fun with our great products. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to mail us:

Volker & Joni